Vault Guide to Top Internships, 2020 Edition

The Vault Guide to Top Internships rates more than 130 internship programs. Based on a survey of nearly 14,000 interns, the Vault Guide to Top Internships ranks internship programs in 16 categories: Most Prestigious Companies to Intern For, 100 Best Internships, Best Internships for Quality of Life, Best Internships for Career Development, Best Internships for Compensation & Benefits, Best Internships for Employment Prospects, Best Internships for Diversity, Accounting, Consulting, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Investment Banking, Media & Telecom, Retail & Consumer Products, and Tech & Engineering.

Along with rankings, the guide includes detailed profiles of top internship programs. These profiles include information on office culture, hours, work-life balance, compensation, benefits, interview process, training, mentoring, networking opportunities, full-time employment prospects, and more.