Vault Guide to Electronics Manufacturing Jobs

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for a career and getting your foot in the door. Each volume is loaded with up-to-date information on industry trends, employment and earnings statistics, and what employers look for in job candidates. Vault editors have researched and analyzed information from government and industry sources, professional groups, news reports, career and job-search resources, and a variety of other sources to produce these valuable career planning resources. Each volume includes a featured article describing an industry or interest area plus a selection of detailed professions articles. For students making career choices and aspiring professionals planning their career path, these books offer a wealth of helpful information and resources.

Each profession article includes:

  • Quick Facts: a snapshot of important job facts
  • Overview: briefly introduces duties and responsibilities
  • History: describes the origins and history of the job
  • The Job: describes primary and secondary goals and duties
  • Earnings: discusses salary ranges and typical fringe benefits
  • Work Environment: looks at typical work conditions and surroundings associated with the job
  • Exploring: offers suggestions on how to gain experience and knowledge about—or even test drive—a career before making a commitment
  • Education and Training Requirements: discusses required high school and post-secondary education and training
  • Certification, Licensing and Special Requirements: explains recommended and required certifications or prerequisites for the job
  • Experience, Skills and Personality Traits: summarizes the personal traits and skills and professional experience needed to get started and succeed
  • Employer Prospects: gives an overview of typical places of employment and the best ways to land a job
  • Advancement Prospects: presents an expected career path and how to travel it
  • Outlook: summarizes the job’s potential growth or decline in terms of the general economy and industry projections
  • Unions and Associations: lists essential and helpful professional groups
  • Tips for Entry: additional tips for preparing for a career and getting a foot in the door
  • For More Information: lists organizations that provide career information, networking and professional development
  • Sidebars: short features showcasing stats, trivia and insight about a profession or industry
Vault Guide to Electronics Manufacturing Jobs covers the following 35 jobs:
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Technicians
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Appliance Service Technicians
  • Avionics Engineers and Technicians
  • Computer-Aided Design Drafters and Technicians
  • Drafters
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Electronics Engineering Technicians
  • Electronics Service Technicians
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Fiber Optics Technicians
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Job and Die Setters
  • Laboratory Testing Technicians
  • Laser Technicians
  • Manufacturing Supervisors
  • Materials Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Metallurgical Engineers
  • Metallurgical Technicians
  • Microelectronics Technicians
  • Millwrights
  • Optical Engineers
  • Plastics Engineers and Technicians
  • Quality Control Engineers and Technicians
  • Robotics Engineers and Technicians
  • Semiconductor Technicians
  • Software Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Welders and Welding Technicians
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