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  1. The recording from the Steps to Success with the SHPEP Application webinar is now available on the Summer Health Professions Education Program YouTube channel. During this 75-minute session, attendees learned about the free educational opportunities SHPEP offers and tips for completing an application. Attendees also gained insight into the virtual experience from an SHPEP Ambassador who participated in 2020. As a reminder, the SHPEP application deadline is 11:59 p.m. ET on February 5, 2020. Please encourage your advisees who are eligible for the program to promptly have their materials submitted to the National Program Office (NPO). Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the SHPEP application:  Email –; Phone – 1 (866) 587- 6337

2. This is a good documentary series on Netflix to recommend to premedical students. ‘The Surgeon’s Cut’ Review: Where ‘Miracle’ Is the Operative Word

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‘The Surgeon’s Cut’ Review: Where ‘Miracle’ Is the Operative Word
As unlikely as it sounds, “The Surgeon’s Cut” is really about artists. Their métier may be on the margins of medical science-heart transplants, brain surgery, liver grafting, procedures inside the womb-but their personalities are as large, singular and even eccentric as the most “creative” individuals.
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