Welcome to the Student Organization Leaders Community

Welcome to the Student Organization Leaders career community! At Rutgers, students can find an outlet for every interest. From academic associations to community service, student government, and more, the fabric of 500+ student-run organizations at Rutgers is vibrant and full of activity.

The leadership opportunities available throughout these organizations help students foster the skills necessary to succeed in their future careers. These skills include communication, delegation, teamwork, and creativity, among many others. Teaching students to leverage these skills and translate them into internship and job opportunities will be a central focus of the Student Leaders career community.

Supported by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES), our community will also provide career-building programs, forge alumni and employer connections, and enhance the overall experience of the organization’s network. This career community will directly service Student Leaders by providing the resources, programs, and guidance they need to confidently pursue their post-graduate goals.