Welcome to the Student Athletes Community

Welcome to the Student Athletes career community! Student-athletes are disciplined multi-taskers who exemplify leadership, teamwork, and coachability on and off the field. Effective communication, problem-solving, resilience, and performance under pressure are a few of the many skills and strengths you have developed through your experience as a student-athlete in high demand across many industries. The Office of Career Exploration and Success is committed to assisting student-athletes preparing for productive and meaningful careers. We recognize that there are needs unique to this career community.

The student-athletes community helps students recognize how their experience and skills as a student-athlete translate to the world of work. We focus on resources, events, and exploration opportunities that help student-athletes articulate transferable skills and future career experiences. Developing an effective resume, confidently speaking about their transferrable skills and athletic accomplishments in interviews, enhancing networking skills with alumni and industry connections, and confidently navigating the internship and job search process are some of the many topics you can explore through this community.

Through this community, you will find industry resources, career advice, job/internship and networking opportunities, workshops, events, and advisors to help you strategize a plan to achieve your post-graduation goals.