Welcome to the Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Community

Welcome to the Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship career community! Account Executive, Investment or Asset Manager, Banker, Sales Manager, Owner/Operator, Marketing Manager, and Consultant – these career titles and countless others are what you can expect to explore in the Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship career community. While careers in this field can have the characteristics of being fast-paced and competitive, they are simultaneously characterized by being financially and intellectually rewarding.

If you enjoy learning and considering industry and financial market trends and envision yourself in a career that makes calculated risks that lead to great rewards, you will likely find great interest in the careers you can explore in this community. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports an expectation that employment of business and finance occupations to increase 5% through 2029, which is higher than the average for all fields of work. The BLS predicts more than 476,000 new jobs in business will be added during this time.Those who pursue careers in these fields tend to possess personal competitive characteristics and business insights that help them continue and navigate their careers in any economy.

Whether within the United States or internationally, the corporate, Wall Street, administrative roles and the entrepreneurial pursuits you can consider will occur in countless industries and fields, in organizations where you can consider growing your career, or through those you will launch and develop.

Through this community, you will find industry resources, career advice, job/internship and networking opportunities, workshops, events, and advisors to help you strategize a plan to achieve your post-graduation goals.