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Welcome to the Physical Sciences career community! Physical Science is the study of the inorganic world, generally thought of in four broad areas: astronomy, physics, chemistry, and the earth sciences. Each of these areas divides into fields and subfields. Students who pursue a degree in Physical Sciences have a strong math and science background, specifically chemistry and physics.

Students graduating with degrees in the physical sciences pursue careers with various types of employers in Education, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Environmental Services, Medical Devices, Consulting, Financial Services, Engineering, Technology, Government, etc.

The Physical Sciences career community will assist you with industry resources, career advice, internship/job, and networking opportunities, and events to help you explore career options in these areas.

Through this community, you will find industry resources, career advice, job/internship and networking opportunities, workshops, events, and advisors to help you strategize a plan to achieve your post-graduation goals.


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The Office of Career Exploration and Success collects data from the New Brunswick graduates in September, December, and May of each year. The career outcomes information displayed in this site shows the strength of the career paths Rutgers graduates take and gives current students a glimpse into what they can do with their Rutgers degrees.

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First destination data includes career outcomes information for Rutgers New-Brunswick graduates within six months of graduation. This website content highlights employment, continued education, military service, and volunteer or service program data for Rutgers graduates.

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Rutgers Internship & Co-op Program (RICP)

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First-Year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS)

First-Year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS) help incoming Rutgers students discover exciting professional fields and learn more about their campus community.…