Mindy O'Mealia

Career Advisor

Mindy O

Since joining Career Exploration and Success in 2009, I have advised thousands of students, on a variety of career topics. My areas of expertise include Health/Life Science Personal Statement and Admission Interview prep; Graduate School planning; Career planning, as well as Job and Internship search. I work closely with HPO and EMSOP advisors to ensure that students targeting a career in research or the health professions receive the highest quality advising.

Before joining the Career Exploration and Success team, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor, briefly managing my own private practice and facilitating therapy in community agencies. I also served as an MBTI team building facilitator, for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student leaders, and as a community speaker and educator.

As a practitioner, I bring an extensive and complex background of academic experience, which I capped off most recently with a Drexel University School of Education doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Management. I also received two graduate degrees in Psychological Counseling from Monmouth University and a degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University. Also, I am trained as an MBTI/Strong assessment facilitator, an ACS, and as a Distance Counselor.

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