March Announcements* – Medical Professions and Life Sciences *NOTE: New this Month Great Resource for Exploring Health Careers


Register Now for Spring Health Professions Week

Health Professions Week is in full swing this spring! Join us at any point during the full 5 weeks of spring HPW. Events start February 22 and run through March 31. Interested students, parents and educators can register for any week of Spring HPW and participate in any event of their choosing. See the complete calendar and register now!
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Exploring Heart Health Careers for American Heart Month

You may be surprised to learn how many specialties come together to promote cardiovascular health. From physicians to nurses to occupational therapists to speech-language pathologists and many more, it takes several dedicated professionals to keep our hearts healthy.
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How to Pay for a Graduate Degree in Health Care: Scholarships

Many jobs in health are require an advanced degree. This post illuminates the steps that go into finding and applying for scholarships that will help you pay for your education with the smallest financial burden possible.
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By Dr. Mindy O'Mealia
Dr. Mindy O'Mealia Program Director, Career Interest Communities Dr. Mindy O