January Announcements – Medical Professions and Life Sciences


From the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions

  1. The Brown University Gateways Program opens the gate to careers in medicine, healthcare and research.

The application deadline is May 15, 2021. Classes begin July 2021.

Gateways to Medicine, Healthcare and Research at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University provides a rigorous academic program that prepares students for careers in these fields. The program offers a 1-year Master of Science in Medical Sciences degree.  Benefits include:

  • A small class size that ensures individualized attention.
  • A robust curriculum on par with the first year of an Ivy League medical school.
  • Longitudinal clinical experience and project work at a community healthcare site serving vulnerable patient populations.
  • Career mentoring and advising.
  • Access to Brown University facilities and resources.

Classes begin in July for master’s degree candidates. Encourage your advisees to learn more about this program and apply to meet the May 15 deadline.

Apply now!

2. Tour for Diversity in Medicine and the Post Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program at the College of Science and Technology, Temple University have partnered to provide a virtual event for students from diverse backgrounds interested in the health care professions and the advisors and mentors that support them.

This 3-evening (6-9 PM) event, February 2-4, 2021, will feature informational workshops with students, physicians, and deans on topics such as critical test-taking strategies, the importance of mentorship, interview skills, and more. Speakers include T4D Mentors in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and optometry, as well as current and former CST post-baccalaureate students and professional students. The final evening features a panel of admissions deans and directors from Philadelphia medical, dental, podiatry, and physician assistant schools. 

              Feb 2
A Career in Healthcare: Know Your Options
The Application Process: Firsthand Experiences
Responding to COVID-19: Perspectives from the Frontline
               Feb 3
Journey of Post Baccalaureate Students: How We Made It to Professional School
Outside the Numbers: What Else Should You Be Doing?
Open Q&A with the Mentors
            Feb 4
Meet the Deans: Deans of Philadelphia Professional Schools
Critical Skills: How to Approach Standardized Test-taking
Race and Racism in Healthcare


We want to let you know about a change in the score reporting timeline for MCAT exams in January 2021. Scores from all January exams will be reported in about two weeks instead of four weeks.

This change will help students who still want to take the MCAT exam and submit scores in their 2021 applications. It will also help with admissions timelines for the medical schools that are accepting January 2021 scores. The new score reporting schedule is posted on our website.

We will return to the typical 30- to 35-day score reporting schedule beginning in March 2021.

We’ve been carefully listening to and considering input from our entire MCAT community. Thank you to everyone whose feedback contributed to this decision. We will continue to evaluate what we can improve as the pandemic evolves.

As a reminder, registration for the January and March dates begins at noon ET on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Students still have time to preregister (through Nov. 9 at 5 p.m. ET), which gives them a head start on filling in their personal information. You can learn more about registration and the 2021 testing year on our website. Additionally, the slides from our annual prehealth advisor webinar  are now available on the AAMC’s Advisors Hub at aamc.org/advisors. We will have the recording available shortly.

The MCAT Team

By Dr. Mindy O'Mealia
Dr. Mindy O'Mealia Program Director, Career Interest Communities Dr. Mindy O