Douglass Residential College for Women

At Douglass Residential College, we are 2,600 women drawn from the Rutgers University–New Brunswick undergraduate population. Students pursue many majors and career paths, and come from many different backgrounds. What we have in common is an interest in gaining the skills and insights to do more with our education, our careers, and our lives.

Working with the staff of Douglass Residential College, we develop opportunities, discover strengths, create connections and draw courage from each other. At the same time, we forge ahead in our Rutgers education and make the most of our time in New Brunswick.

Douglass is the only residential women’s college in the nation that is housed within a world class public research university. Douglass students enjoy a small college atmosphere and programs that support their success and leadership. At the same time, we engage with all the rich educational and research resources of Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Douglass has proven to be the sustainable model for women’s higher education.

By Barbara Thomson
Barbara Thomson Associate Director, Technology & Data Management Barbara Thomson